Villa Taj Wedding Marrakech

Villa Taj Marrakech Destination Wedding Photography

This gorgeous Villa Taj Marrakech wedding was definitely a wedding for the books! A perfect location and a beautiful couple resulting in stunning photography

Tom and Lucy’s destination wedding in Marrakech was so much fun!  Both from the UK, Tom and Lucy met six years ago while living in London. Having vacationed in Morocco on numerous occasions they decided to have their destination wedding in Marrakech.

The day before their Villa Taj Marakech wedding we did a romantic photoshoot with them in the Agafay desert. It’s such an incredible and unique location, and we even found some camels to complete the desert photoshoot. It was also clear enough to see the Atlas mountains in the distance. 

Their wedding was held the next day at Villa Taj. This venue specializes in weddings and events, and the day was incredibly well organized. Both Tom and Lucy got ready at Villa Taj along with their bridal party. Lucy had her hair done by the talented Sophie from Coifchezvous. Their wedding party was a lot of fun and we love all of the candid getting ready shots. Be sure to scroll through and check out Lucy’s amazing heels – definitely the most amazing bridal heels we’ve seen! 

As guests arrived at the wedding they were greeted by a traditional Berber band. The wedding ceremony was held outside under a canopy of olive trees. It was magical! A good friend of the bride and groom’s officiated the wedding and we love how personal and meaningful the ceremony was. 

Following the ceremony, was cocktail hour up on the roof. This time also included a performance of acrobatics from the Berber band and they even got the bride and groom involved (see photos below). 

Dinner was held at one long elegant table by the pool and included some Moroccan classics on the menu. Speeches took place during the meal and we loved hearing the stories and anecdotes about Tom and Lucy. There were lots of laughs and a few tears. Everything that a good speech should produce. 

After dinner, Tom and Lucy did their cake cutting and then had their first dance, which they’d choreographed! Following that, the dance floor opened up and we discovered it was a crowd that was not afraid to let loose on the dance floor! 

It was one of those weddings where we just couldn’t stop smiling and just enjoying the day right alongside everyone. We loved getting to know Tom and Lucy and felt honored to capture their special day. 


Villa Taj Marrakech Wedding

Lodge K Wedding Marrakech

A wedding is a remarkable moment for everyone. It is time to create new memories that can be cherished in the future. We had such a great time photographing Victor and Karen’s Lodge K wedding Marrakech! Victor is from France but spent a number of his growing up years in Marrakech and his parents still live there, and Karen is from Hong Kong. Victor met Karen while he was living in Sydney, Australia. Karen was there on a business trip and the couple spent eight months dating long distances before Victor moved to Hong Kong.


Earlier in the year they had their wedding in Hong Kong but planned for a more intimate celebration in Marrakech for Victor’s family and friends living in France and Marrakech. This gave the couple an opportunity to celebrate and create their wedding twice and hence they got double memories, one in Hong Kong and other at Lodge K wedding Marrakech.

The day before their wedding, we did a romantic photoshoot with them at the Marrakech Palmeraie and Palais Namaskar. We love doing romantic photoshoots before the wedding as it’s a special time for the couple to have fun together before their big day and it also helps them to get comfortable in front of a camera. Also, it’s a fun opportunity for us to get to know the couple better. The couple was deeply in love and this was evident through their actions and gestures. We clicked different pictures at different locations before their big day at Lodge K wedding Marrakech.

The Marrakech Palmeraie is always a beautiful spot to take photos and it really has that Marrakech desert vibe. Palais Namaskar’s gorgeous garden areas and unique architecture make it one of our favorite hotels to photograph at. For this part of the photoshoot, Karen changed into her wedding gown. She was looking like a princess and captured the moment with her beautiful dress and elegance.

Their wedding was held at Lodge K and both Victor and Karen got ready there. We love how every wedding is so unique and for Victor and Karen’s entrance to their wedding celebration, they both rode in on camels in traditional Moroccan wedding attire! The couple looked stunning and were dressed beautifully. Everyone was stunned to see them and we clicked some ravishing pictures of them.

During cocktail hour they changed back into their suit and white wedding gown. It was a relaxed, intimate evening among their friends and family at Lodge K wedding Marrakech. Lodge K organized everything from the decor to the catering and it was all to such a high level of excellence. Everything was kept in place and were marked with different tags to provide ease to the guests.

Dinner was buffet styled and each table had a different theme from Italian to Lebanese. Following the meal, there was lots of dancing, including a choreographed dance between Karen and her father and between Karen and Victor. The dance was a very joyful and exciting moment for everyone. The couple danced beautifully and their love was very evident through their dance steps and coordination.

The dance performed by Karen and her father was very emotional and catchy. Everyone was thrilled to see them shaking their feet on the dance floor. After this, everyone present there started dancing and enjoying the wedding. There were different lights, flowers and a variety of decorations present at the Lodge K wedding Marrakech which made their wedding more catchy.

It was such a fun evening and we loved getting to know Victor and Karen more closely! The wedding was one of a kind and the dance added a different glam to it.