Agadir Fashion Photoshoot with Sophie

Agadir fashion photoshoot by Paragon Expressions

Recently, we did a fashion photoshoot in Agadir with Sophie, a fashion blogger and personal stylist from Belgium.

Sophie is from Belgium, but came to Agadir on holiday and wanted a photoshoot of some new clothing and accessory items she is advertising for Danish designer Stella Nova, Lie. O Knitwear, Maison Hotel, and Une A Une. It was a really fun photoshoot and Sophie was up for anything we suggested!

For her first outfit, we started with some photos on the Agadir promenade and moved down to the shoreline. We love how perfectly the colors of the beach complimented her outfit.

For her second outfit, we took some photos along another side of the coastline where there is a small sand dune (who says you can’t get desert shots in Agadir!). The pinks in her outfit really popped with this backdrop and we love the juxtaposition of her outfit with the sand dunes.

We loved getting to know Sophie and hearing more about her business. If you’re looking for a personal stylist, you can check out her work here.

If you’re looking for a professional fashion photographer in Agadir, contact us here. We’d love to capture your style!


Williams Family Photoshoot in Marrakech

A photoshoot in Morocco is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday! Just ask Erica.

Erica celebrated her 30th birthday in February and to commemorate the beginning of her thirties, she, her mom, and her brother took an international trip together traveling through Europe and down to Morocco. We met up with Erica and her family during their time in Marrakech.

We love when clients come to a photoshoot with a specific vision and theme in mind. Erica’s theme was regal and classy set against the Moroccan architecture of the Rodamon Riad.

Erica and her family were a lot of fun and there was much teasing and some stories passed around. We love seeing a family that has remained so close and would spend a few weeks traveling together.

Family photoshoots on a special vacation are the perfect way to remember a trip. Planning a family vacation to Morocco? Contact us to photograph your Moroccan holiday.


Angela & Friends Photoshoot at Medina de Agadir

This destination photoshoot in Agadir, Morocco was amazing! 

When Angela contacted us we didn’t know that we’d be in for quite a few surprises.

Surprise One – These eight ladies have known each for a long time and despite living in different cities, have managed to stay close and every two years they take an international trip together. Now that’s a special friendship!

Surprise Two – This trip they take is for Angela’s birthday, but the destination is a complete surprise for the rest of the ladies. Angela only tells them what to pack and when to meet at the airport. Once the trip starts, Angela even plans special surprise adventures like camel rides and spa experiences.

Surprise Three – We didn’t know how it would go shooting a group of eight at 8 am – turns out it was an absolute blast and one of our favorite photoshoots to date! This group was not only a lot of fun but also natural models.

We also decided that everyone needs a friend like Angela to plan special, surprise trips!

This trip was special for the Angela’s friends, as they’ve never been to Africa – all the more reason to capture some memories of their time in Morocco!

Angela bought all of her friends a kaftan to wear for the photoshoot and then each lady brought along her own African themed bathing suit.

We started out their photoshoot at the Sofitel Hotel, then headed to the Medina d’Agadir and finished the shoot at the Agadir beach. 

Heading to Morocco and want some photos to remember your time by? Contact us for a unique photoshoot. 

Check out the behind the scenes video for this shoot!

Some of our favourite photos from the day

Why Privacy Matters

Beautiful wedding photoshoot in Medina Agadir

Our clients are important to us, and so is their privacy. Privacy is an area that we have discovered is extremely important to many of our clients.

Something you won’t hear photographers in Morocco talk about much is the hesitation that clients may have over the publishing of their photos – be it on social media platforms, website, or for use in advertising.

Why would some clients be hesitant about having their photos published?

Some people are concerned about their photo being used on the internet. They are also worried that their photo would be photoshopped and used for something inappropriate.

There are other clients, who, due to their jobs or family, wish for their faces to not be shown.

A few of our female clients would normally wear a hijab, but for their photoshoot will choose not to. Understandably, they would prefer that no photos be published that shows them without their hijab. Regardless of the reason, respecting our clients wishes and privacy is tremendously important.

Agadir Beach Photoshoot by Paragon Expressions Beach Photography Agadir - Paragon Expressions mariage, photographe du Maroc, photographe du mariage, Agadir photographer, Marrakech photographer

Concerned about your privacy being protected after a photoshoot?

Here are some tips…

If you are concerned about a photographer publishing your photos, speak with them before the photoshoot and make sure that it’s written in the contract that they cannot post any photos without your permission.

You can also request that they take a creative shots that don’t show your face.

Regardless of the reason, our priority is giving our clients photos that they love and providing them with an experience that is comfortable for them.

For this reason, we don’t post any photos of our clients without their expressed permission. There are some great photos that we love but would rather protect our clients wishes and privacy, than post.

At the end of the day our goal is to capture beautiful moments for our clients to enjoy and use as they would like.

Berber wedding photography by Paragon Expressions

Best Photoshoot Investment

Photoshoot in Agadir

There is one thing that our female clients have never regretted investing in (aside from great photography of course!) – having a professional makeup artist do their makeup.

There are a few reasons why this is a great investment for your photoshoot.

A talented makeup artist will know how to apply makeup that will be flattering for photography. This means no shiny foreheads, no white spots on the face, and a flawless looking complexion.

They will also know how to apply makeup in a way that will appear natural in photos, while also highlighting your best features. We’ve had brides in tears on their wedding day, because the person who had done their makeup applied it too heavy or in a way that didn’t properly highlight the bride’s features. A professional makeup artist will know how to customize the look that you want in a way that best suits your features – and without it looking cake-y.

We love the expression on a client’s face when she looks in the mirror after having her makeup done. She sits up taller, smiles easily and feels as beautiful as she looks (with and without the makeup). When you look your best, you also feel more confident and comfortable in front of a camera.

Looking for a professional makeup artist your photoshoot in Agadir? Contact Pauline at Brooklyn Mama’s.

Who is your favorite makeup artist in your city? 

Professional Photography Give Away With Brooklyn Mama’s in Agadir

Agadir photographer, Fashion, Medina, Paragon Expressions, Photoshoot, brookyln mama's makeup, photographe du Maroc

Photography Photoshoot in Agadir

Paragon Expressions teamed up with hair and makeup stylist Brooklyn Mama’s to offer a professional photography photoshoot in Agadir Morocco. After several contestants made it through the selecting stage of the competition Nissrine Benyag was selected as our winner for this giveaway!

Hair & Makeup

Pauline at Brooklyn Mama’s created Nissrine’s hair and makeup look. Pauline is a true artist and we love how she highlighted Nissrine’s features. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Pauline in the past and we continue to be impressed by her work. Nissrine chose a beautiful caftan to complete her look.

Photoshoot Location

We love working with our clients to dream up a theme for their photoshoot. With Nissrine we decided to blend traditional with a touch of modern. La Medina D’Agadir (Coco Polizzi) provided us with the perfect backdrop for the shoot. We are big fans of Moroccan architecture and La Medina D’Agadir does not disappoint! Nissrine was a natural with the camera and just exudes elegance. We shot later in the day, which provided us with perfect lighting.

We couldn’t be happier with the end results and are grateful for our partners who participated in this shoot!