Kai & Alice’s Destination Photoshoot in Marrakech

Marrakech Engagement Photoshoot

There was so much to love about Kai and Alice’s destination photoshoot in Marrakech! For one, it combined two of our favorite Marrakech trademarks—the Palmeraie and the medina. Secondly, their photoshoot felt like time with friends. Thirdly, well, just look at the photos! This adventurous couple is up for anything – including an early morning photoshoot with some feisty camels.

These two met in university and after five years of dating, they will be tying the knot in February. They will also have celebrations in their hometowns in China. After hearing from friends about the magic of Morocco, they decided to take a break from wedding planning and holiday in Morocco.

We loved Alice’s idea to juxtapose their wedding-themed outfits with the desert like vibe of the Marrakech Palmerie. We were even more thrilled that Alice brought along a veil to complete the look.

The Palmerie in the early morning is positively magical. Kai and Alice are completely smitten and needed no encouragement from us to cuddle. As the sun began to rise, we added a camel to complete the desert look. As we were about to leave the shoot we discovered that Alice’s ring had fallen off her finger at one point during the shoot. This led to a beautiful, spontaneous moment. After a few minutes of searching, Richard found the ring and secretly gave it to Kai. Kai then surprised Alice by proposing to her all over again. You just can’t plan these intimate moments! 

Alice and Kai made an outfit change into traditional Moroccan attire and we headed into the medina. Alice had henna done the day before to complete the look. Even in Marrakech, Sunday mornings are pretty lazy and we loved having the tiny empty streets to ourselves. The Marrakech medina is full of unique spots for photos, from intricate doors to colorful rugs to quintessential Moroccan red walls.

We wish these two all the best for their upcoming wedding in New York!

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Angela & Friends Photoshoot at Medina de Agadir

This destination photoshoot in Agadir, Morocco was amazing! 

When Angela contacted us we didn’t know that we’d be in for quite a few surprises.

Surprise One – These eight ladies have known each for a long time and despite living in different cities, have managed to stay close and every two years they take an international trip together. Now that’s a special friendship!

Surprise Two – This trip they take is for Angela’s birthday, but the destination is a complete surprise for the rest of the ladies. Angela only tells them what to pack and when to meet at the airport. Once the trip starts, Angela even plans special surprise adventures like camel rides and spa experiences.

Surprise Three – We didn’t know how it would go shooting a group of eight at 8 am – turns out it was an absolute blast and one of our favorite photoshoots to date! This group was not only a lot of fun but also natural models.

We also decided that everyone needs a friend like Angela to plan special, surprise trips!

This trip was special for the Angela’s friends, as they’ve never been to Africa – all the more reason to capture some memories of their time in Morocco!

Angela bought all of her friends a kaftan to wear for the photoshoot and then each lady brought along her own African themed bathing suit.

We started out their photoshoot at the Sofitel Hotel, then headed to the Medina d’Agadir and finished the shoot at the Agadir beach. 

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Check out the behind the scenes video for this shoot!

Some of our favourite photos from the day

Celine’s Maternity Shoot with Brooklyn Mama’s in Agadir

Maternity photoshoot morocco

We’ve witnessed the glow of a new bride, but we loved getting to photograph the glow that an expectant mother has. Part of what makes maternity photoshoots so special is the anticipation that the expectant mother has. These photoshoots are soft, relaxing and intimate.

In the final months of her pregnancy, Celine was absolutely glowing. When we did this photoshoot in Agadir, Celine and her husband were expecting their first child. For this shoot we partnered with the very talented Pauline at Brooklyn Mamas. Pauline did Celine’s hair and makeup for the shoot. We’ve partnered with Pauline on other projects and it’s always a pleasure partnering with such a talented make-up artist.

We shot the maternity shoot at one of the beautiful horse stables in Agadir. There are some beautiful grounds there and we were even able to incorporate some horses into the shoot.

It was so special to capture Celine in this season of anticipation.

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