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We believe that every individual has been created uniquely and that no story is like another one. With each client, we work to capture their own unique story. As a photography company in Morocco, we have our own style and feel to our photos, but with each client we strive to create something new that perfectly represents them. Paragon means a perfect representation or example. And that’s what we want to provide; whether it’s a wedding, engagement shoot, henna party, family photoshoot, or portrait session, we want our photos to tell who you are.

Your wedding isn’t like any other wedding that we will shoot. Your family is unique to all other families. Your love story is one of a kind. This is why we value relationship. We want to get to know you. When you see your photos we want you to be blown away at how beautiful and unique your moments are.

We love stories. And for us, cameras are our favorite vehicle in storytelling. But they’re a means not an end. The end result is helping you to preserve moments and memories through beautiful photos and film.

We value your privacy and preferences. We work hard to carefully plan our time with you so that we can capture the very best moments and you can just relax and enjoy.

In all that we do we strive to operate with complete integrity. This means no hidden fees, clear contracts and that you will get exactly what we’ve communicated to you.

We would love to meet you and tell your story! Please fill out the form below to check our availability.

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