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Dmitri and Ludmila photoshoot at Agadir Medina

A dream photoshoot in Morocco.

You’ve booked the tickets, found the perfect accommodation and made a list of sites to see. Time seems to slow as the date to leave approaches, and then accelerates as soon as the holiday starts. All too soon you’re boarding the plane back home, maybe with a few token souvenirs carefully tucked away in your suitcase. There’s a better way to hold onto the memory of your trip – a photoshoot on location.

Although we are slightly bias towards our host city, Agadir, a quick perusal of photos will show that it’s an ideal location for a laid back, warm holiday. With a gorgeous coastline and abundant sunshine for most of the year, it can be especially therapeutic for guests hailing from less temperate climates.

It was easy to see why Dmitri and Ludmila chose this for a much needed holiday from busy careers and the rainy United Kingdom. Both were celebrating milestone birthdays while on holiday and the photos made for a special memento of their time.

Morocco is renowned for its detailed architecture and a nearby medina made for a perfect backdrop for their shoot. Ludmila has an eye for detail and put together complementary outfits for their shoot. To our surprise (and delight) their colors ended up coordinating with one of the backdrops at the medina.

Pauline at Brooklyn Mama’s did Ludmila’s makeup and highlighted her stunning features, creating the perfect look for the occasion.

We love the chemistry between Dmitri and Ludmila and hearing the story of how they met in Latvia, the homeland to both of them. Dmitri shared fascinating stories from his job as a chef and Ludmila relived the memories from their unique destination wedding. There was much laughter and joy as we watched Dmitri and Ludmila interact. Our time with them went by far too fast – due in part to the setting sun. It was an honor to capture their relationship against a Moroccan backdrop and help them preserve special memories from their trip.

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