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Engagement Photoshoot in Essaouira Morocco, Essaouira photographer

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Engagement Photoshoot in Essaouira

This engagement photoshoot Essaouira was with such a lovely couple and in one of our favorite cities in Morocco! We love how the photos came out!

Philipp and Ines’ photoshoot in Essaouira turned out to be the perfect day. Essaouira is a city that holds a special place in our heart. It’s the place for artists and dreamers, for long romantic strolls on the beach and sipping mint tea in a cafe. Maybe it’s the salty breeze or the relaxed pace of life, but Essaouira is a true seaside Moroccan holiday.

Given our nostalgia and general love for Essaouira, we were thrilled when Philipp and Ines contacted us about doing an engagement shoot in Essaouira. For them, the city also held special significance, as they visited Essaouira on their first trip together.

However, our enthusiasm turned to nerves when we arrived in Essaouria and were greeted with windy, rainy weather. Not ideal for a photoshoot!

Armed with our umbrellas, we scouted out a few potential locations and prayed the rain would stop.

By the time we met Philipp and Ines a few hours later the rain had stopped and there wasn’t even a hint of wind (amazing for the “windy city”). Perfect conditions for what turned into a fun and relaxed few hours of shooting.

Philipp and Ines have been dating for seven years and there is such an ease and sweetness in how they relate to each other. They met while they were both studying at Columbia University in New York. Philipp is from Germany and Ines is from Morocco. Next summer they will have their wedding celebration outside of Essaouira.

Essaouira holds no shortage of beautiful locations and we fit quite a few in during the shoot. From the blue boats of the infamous Essaouira harbor to the long beach at sunset to the ancient medina walls – we were able to shoot in a variety of locations.

We loved getting to know Philipp and Ines and not only do they look so good together but from our short time with them it was very apparent how well suited they are for each other. And when Ines agreed to Philipp’s request to get some photos in the cold waves – well if that isn’t true love, what is?!

We are so excited for these two and their upcoming wedding! It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with them in Essaouira and to capture this season in their story. 

Engagement Photoshoot Essaouira