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Fes Engagement Photoshoot

Derek and Angela’s Fes engagement photoshoot was such a fun day and it was an honor to capture their holiday in Fes and their experiences in the Fes medina.

When Derek and Angela traveled to Spain for work, they decided to add Morocco onto their trip to celebrate their engagement with a tour of some of Morocco’s best locations. Both from Hong Kong, they initially met when Angela began an internship at the same place where Derek worked. Now four years later they will be getting married this November!

As they are recently engaged, they wanted an engagement photoshoot during their time in Fes.

The Fes medina is so rich in history and there are so many beautiful photo locations. Derek and Angela are an incredibly fun couple and so clearly in love! They toured areas like the old medina, pottery center, and the world-famous tannery.

It was great to capture their experiences in Fes and also their relationship with each other. We wish them all the best in their upcoming wedding and life together!

Contact us to book an engagement photoshoot during your holiday in Morocco!

Derek & Angela’s Fes Engagement Photoshoot


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