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Wedding Photographers in Morocco

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful; finding a great photographer in Morocco, who understands your needs and concerns shouldn’t be!

Hi there! Welcome to our wedding photography site, and so happy you’re here!  We’re wedding photographers in Morocco but we’re also a husband and wife photography team with creative and creative style!

We believe that every individual has been created uniquely and that no story is like another one. With each client, we work to capture their own unique story. As a professional photography company in Morocco, we have our own style and feel to our photos, but with each client we strive to create something new that perfectly represents them. Paragon means “a perfect representation” or example. And that’s what we want to provide; whether it’s a wedding, elopement, engagement shoot,  henna party, or something else you have in mind. 

Your wedding isn’t like any other wedding that we will shoot. Your love story is one of a kind. This is why we value relationship. We want to get to know you. When you see your photos we want you to be blown away at how beautiful and unique your moments are.

We love stories. And for us, cameras are our favorite vehicle in storytelling. But they’re a means not an end. The end result is helping you to preserve moments and memories through beautiful photos. We value your privacy and preferences. We work hard to carefully plan our time with you so that we can capture the very best moments and you can just relax and enjoy. In all that we do we strive to operate with complete integrity. This means no hidden fees, clear contracts and that you will get exactly what we’ve communicated to you.

photographers in Morocco

Richard Stobbe

Hey I’m Richard and my passport country is Canada, but Morocco is where I’ve called home for the last 8 years. Since I can remember, I’ve loved creating. This passion has carried through to my adult life where I’ve worked in music and carpentry before discovering the world of film and photography.

My desire is to create beautifully unique and creative photos that represent the wonderful people I get to hang out with and capture their stories. I love it when I hear back from a couple how amazed they are with their photos, and how much they love them! 

Other than photography, I’m continually in pursuit of good coffee and new board games, Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee? Come visit us in our studio and I’ll make you a latte, and we can enjoy the latest board game I love! 

More than anything I love time I get to spend with my family, taking photos with Marisa, going on an adventure together as a family, or hanging out with my daughter. 

Marisa Stobbe

Marisa Stobbe

I’m Marisa and I grew up in the farmlands of Eastern United States, but Morocco has been my home since I married Richard. I started creating with words when I was twelve; captivated by the power of written words. Later on, I discovered the world of photography and as our friend, Gui puts it “writing with light”.

I believe in the power of storytelling. Everyone has a story and something beautiful to offer to the world. Photography is one way of sharing that story with the world.

Living in Morocco, I’ve been deeply impacted by the hospitality of Moroccans and am continually working to perfect my mint tea.

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