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Mehdi & Yasmina’s Marrakech Wedding

It was a perfect Marrakech evening. The heat faded with the setting sun and there was just enough wind to add a flair to the flowing kaftans.

Marrakech has some incredible wedding venues, and this was one of them! The venue, Terre de Fetes, is set in a grove of palm trees. Yasmina’s aunt and uncle own this wedding venue and we were impressed by all of the wedding details. From the lantern lined, carpet walkway to the most classy outdoor bathroom setup we’d ever seen. We know, how often do photographers take time to photograph a bathroom at a wedding, much less mention it in a blog? Every detail was seen too and the final look was absolutely magical.

We love how Mehdi and Yasmina blended their cultural traditions for their wedding. Yasmina is Moroccan, but grew up in the US, and Mehdi is Tunisian but has been living in Holland. They met at a hostel that Mehdi was managing in Istanbul, Turkey. Doesn’t get much more international than that!

Yasmina included many of the Moroccan wedding traditions such as the Maria, beautiful kaftans and henna. Mehdi surprised Yasmina by wearing a traditional Tunisian outfit for the first part of the wedding. In Tunisia it is traditional to serve lamb as part of the meal and this was also included in the wedding. There was both traditional Moroccan and Tunisian music and dancing. This was thanks to a live band and a DJ, who took turns serenading the crowd to the perfect rhythms.

Before Yasmina was presented on the Maria, Mehdi made an entrance on horseback. Yes, one of the most amazing entrances we’ve seen and perfect for an outdoor wedding!

One of our favorite moments from the evening, was when both of their father’s gave a moving speech to the bride and groom. They also took time to thank all of the guests who came, many of whom had traveled in from overseas for the celebration. While not all guests shared the same language, they shared a love for the couple and an excitement to celebrate.

Towards the end of the evening, Yasmina’s aunt and uncle surprised them with an amazing display. To see what it was, scroll down to the last photo from the evening.

This Marrakech wedding was beautiful and we were honored to capture this special day. Congratulations Mehdi and Yasmina!


  1. Magnifique de revivre cette fête de mariage féerique des amoureux grâce au reportage écrit et les photos! C’est sûr que je vais le regarder souvent!

    • Thank you for your kind words Hélène! It was such an honour to be apart of this beautiful wedding! We loved all the details and of course how the bride and groom were glowing with love for each other!

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