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Moroccan wedding photography in Rabat

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What does a Moroccan Wedding Dress look like?

One of the most beautiful parts of Moroccan weddings is the Moroccan wedding dress. Or shall we say dresses! Moroccan brides are truly queens on their wedding day and traditionally wear more than one dress for their wedding.

Moroccan wedding photography in Rabat

Moroccan Wedding Dress

It’s always a highlight of every wedding seeing which dresses the bride has chosen. In Morocco, the Moroccan wedding dress is traditionally called a takchita. Here we will refer to them simply as a Moroccan wedding dress. These dresses can be rented, bought, or designed specifically for the bride.
Wedding Photography in Marrakech
For most traditional weddings the bride will wear a green Moroccan wedding dress for the henna ceremony. Most brides will also choose a white or cream dress when they are presented in the amaria. Other colors they choose may depend on their style preferences. Often the dress for the dinner portion of the evening is blue. Some brides will choose to wear an outfit that represents each of the seven regions of Morocco.
One of our favorite Moroccan wedding dresses is the Amazigh dress. It will vary a bit, as each area, and even village, has its own unique spin on it. It is definitely the most unique of the regional dresses.
At many weddings, the last dress of the evening will be a western-style white wedding gown.
Moroccan wedding photography in Rabat

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