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6 Ways to Minimize Stress on Your Wedding Day

Palais Namaskakar Marrakech wedding photographer

Your wedding day is something you have probably dreamed about for a long time. You’ve spent months planning for it and arranging all of the details. You want to be able to really enjoy it, and not let stress rob the day.

Here are six ways to minimize stress on your wedding day

Villa Taj Marrakech Destination Wedding Photography

Hire a planner

When the wedding has a great wedding planner, everyone is less stressed! There are some great wedding planners we’ve worked with who know the right vendors to work with, how to keep things on schedule, organized, and most importantly, take care of everything so that you can just relax and enjoy your day. 

If hiring a wedding planner is outside of your budget, hire a wedding coordinator for the day of your wedding. This is someone who makes sure all of the events run on schedule and that everyone is doing what they need to do. They keep things organized and moving. We had one on our wedding day and it made a huge difference!

Villa Taj Marrakech Destination Wedding Photography

Add margin into your day

We can almost guarantee that at some point during your wedding, things will run late. Give more time than you need for things like hair and makeup. Also if you are doing a first look or any kind time-specific photos (like sunset photos) allot more time to those than you actually need. You may want to tell your vendors to come earlier than you actually need them. We have had clients who told guests an earlier time to arrive as they knew that they would be late. You know your guests and if this is something you should do.

Wedding photography of a traditional Moroccan wedding in Rabat

Hire the right vendors

We’re not necessarily talking about your florist here. We’re thinking of the vendors whom you will spend a good deal of time with. Your negafa (if you’re having a Moroccan wedding), your make-up artist, your hairstylist, your photographer

For our wedding, we had a makeup artist who understood and respected what I wanted for my look, and who created the kind of peaceful environment that I wanted as I got ready. Our photographers were a couple who were fun, down to earth, and experienced. This meant, we could completely relax with them and trust them to get the photos we wanted. If the vendor you hire is unpleasant, bossy, or chaotic, this will add to your stress on your wedding day. Look for professionals who will honor and respect your needs on your wedding day.

Take care of yourself!

Make sure that you take time to eat and drink lots of water. Plan this into your day. Maybe even delegate a friend or family member to bring you food.

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Limit your dress changes

If you are having a Moroccan style wedding, limit the number of dresses that you will wear. Multiple dress changes become exhausting and we have seen too many brides become overwhelmed by dress number four or five. It is a lot of work to keep making changes, it takes a lot of time, and being presented in each time also becomes very tiring. Most Moroccan brides we’ve spoken with shared that if they wore a lot of dresses they were not left with as much time to enjoy their wedding.

Wedding photography of a traditional Moroccan wedding in Rabat

See the big picture

At the end of the day, there will probably be something that goes wrong on your wedding day or some detail that is forgotten. Keep the big picture in mind. You are marrying the love of your life! Your friends and family have all gathered to celebrate with you! Enjoy your day and all of the beautiful memories.

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