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Best thing to do before your wedding

The best thing to do before your wedding

We often hear the question; “whats the best thing to do before your wedding? Our answer? A photoshoot!

 It’s the day you’ve been planning (and probably dreaming of) for awhile. You’ve made dozens of decisions. Food, decorations, outfits, music – everything to make your day a wonderful celebration.

And then your wedding day finally arrives – and it’s amazing! Before you know it, you’re saying goodbye your guests and driving away from the wedding.

Weddings go by so fast. They are a wonderful kind of a whirlwind. Our own wedding day went by entirely too fast and we’re am so grateful that we have so many pictures to remember the day by.

There’s one thing that we did before our wedding that we’ve never regretted.

We did a special photoshoot with our photographer before our wedding of just the two of us. Those photos are some of the ones we treasure the most (and the ones we hang on our wall).

We highly recommend having a special photoshoot before your wedding in Morocco or scheduling one for after your wedding (we have done both).

Here’s why you should consider doing a special photoshoot as the best thing to do before your wedding

Essaouira Photoshoot

Weddings can feel rushed

If you are having a traditional Moroccan wedding it will be an especially busy evening with lots of dancing, lots of dress changes, lots of lights and a lot of people! We love the energy of a wedding celebration and we are able to capture some beautiful shots of this time. However, it is a party and you will want to do more celebrating then spending a lot of time posing for photos.

By doing a special photoshoot, you have time to just enjoy having photos together without the distractions and without worrying about your wedding guests.

Agadir & Marrakech love stories

Time for just the two of you

Your wedding is a celebration with many friends and family. But there is something special about having time as just the two of you before the big day. It gives you a chance to take a deep breath and enjoy being with the one you’re marrying.

Beautiful backgrounds and great lighting

Doing a special photoshoot allows us to choose with you a beautiful and unique setting for photos. Maybe a secluded garden, the Palmarie in Marrakech or a luxury hotel like Palais Namaskar, or the beach at sunset. Normally, weddings take place in the evening and this makes it challenging to get beautiful shots outdoors. By doing a shoot on another day we’re able to take advantage of natural and soft light – which is the most flattering for people.

Villa Taj Marrakech Destination Wedding Photography

Some other things that we’ve enjoyed about these special photoshoots is the opportunity to get to know our clients better before the big day. We’ve also found clients to be more at ease the day of their wedding when they’ve already had some time in front of the camera.

At the end of the day, your wedding is about the commitment that you have made to your spouse. We want to capture the love that you share with one another and the new chapter that you are embarking on together. 

*Already married but don’t have a lot of beautiful photos of just the two of you from your wedding? Contact us to setup an anniversary photoshoot.

Some pre and post wedding photoshoots

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