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Family photoshoot on the beach by Paragon Expressions

Klassen Family Beach Photoshoot

In a year where wedding after wedding is being canceled, we’ve found ourselves having the opportunity to do more family photoshoots. We spent a few weeks in Canada over the summer and had the pleasure of doing some shoots while we were there, including this family beach photoshoot.

This photoshoot with Adam and Stephanie and their kids was really fun, especially as we did their family photos years ago! We even recreated one of the photos that we had done seven years earlier.

We did the photoshoot at one of the beaches outside of White Rock. After photographing so often at Moroccan beaches, it was fun photographing at a beach in Canada! 

It was a gorgeous evening and we even had a great sunset to end the evening with! As big fans of the Marvel series, our last photo of the evening was very fitting (scroll down to see). 

We love capturing moments among family members and photos that show the personalities and dynamics. The Klassens are a close family and it was fun capturing their relationships with each other! 

See below for some of our favorite photos from the shoot! 

If you’re interested in a family photoshoot, contact us here.

Klassen Family Beach Photoshoot

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