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Medina Agadir Photoshoot

Professional Photography Give-Away Agadir

A professional photography give-away Agadir photoshoot was given to Nisirine Bens in Agadir, who submitted to our competition with Brookyln Mama’s.

Photography Photoshoot in Agadir

Paragon Expressions teamed up with hair and makeup stylist Brooklyn Mama’s to offer a professional photography photoshoot in Agadir Morocco. After several contestants made it through the selecting stage of the competition Nissrine Benyag was selected as our winner for this giveaway!

Hair & Makeup

Pauline at Brooklyn Mama’s created Nissrine’s hair and makeup look. Pauline is a true artist and we love how she highlighted Nissrine’s features. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Pauline in the past and we continue to be impressed by her work. Nissrine chose a beautiful caftan to complete her look.

Photoshoot Location

We love working with our clients to dream up a theme for their photoshoot. With Nissrine we decided to blend traditional with a touch of modern.  La Medina D’Agadir (Coco Polizzi) provided us with the perfect backdrop for the shoot. We are big fans of Moroccan architecture and La Medina D’Agadir does not disappoint! Nissrine was a natural with the camera and just exudes elegance. We shot later in the day, which provided us with perfect lighting.

We couldn’t be happier with the end results and are grateful for our partners who participated in this shoot!

Professional Photography Give-Away Agadir Photoshoot

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