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Steve & Fatima – A Traditional Moroccan Wedding

Paragon Expressions was privileged to be a part of Steve and Fatima’s December wedding in Agadir, Morocco. Despite their different backgrounds, Steve is from Canada and Fatima is from Agadir, they are the perfect match.  It was a joy to witness their love for one another and celebrate their life long commitment.

In Morocco, the bride is treated like a queen. A traditional celebration is started with a henna ritual at the home of the bride. 

During the wedding reception, Moroccan brides will typically change into a number of dresses. Fatima changed dresses five times and went from beautiful kaftans to a traditional Amazigh outfit and finally into a white wedding gown for the cake cutting. Steve also made an appearance in the traditional Djillaba.

The bride was surrounded by “Neggafates” who are responsible for all things related to the bride. Their main task is to help with traditional Moroccan dresses, make-up, jewelry, hair styling etc. Neggafates assisted Fatima and Steve to look their best in their wedding ceremony combining know-how about Moroccan wedding, style and fashion taste with an adequate traditional touch. 

The evening was full of singing, beating drums, dancing, and eating. Food was abundant and delicious with traditional dishes like Pastilla and chicken tajine. 

Here are some of our favorite moments from their special day.

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