2019 Valentines Day Giveaway Photoshoot

Morocco photographer couple photoshoot agadir by Paragon Expressions

Valentines Day Photoshoot Giveaway – Khadija entered our annual Valentines Day Photoshoot giveaway and was the winner! Khadija and her husband won a two hour photoshoot in Agadir and it could not have been a more fun photoshoot!

Three years ago Mehdi and Khadija met a cooking event. They soon discovered that they had more in common than just a love of cooking! They got married not long after and the rest is history! Both are entrepreneurs and despite their busy schedules they prioritize spending time together; whether it’s exploring new places or trying new foods or even just experimenting in the kitchen!

For their photoshoot we took them a new spot in the mountains outside of Agadir. We love the privacy of the area and the gorgeous views on every side. The sunset over the mountains made for some incredible photos as well.

Mehdi and Khadija chose a chic urban theme for their outfits and we love how this juxtaposed with the majestic background. They were both naturals in front of the camera and the time went by quickly!

See some of our favorite photos below.

Mohamed & Ashley’s Couple Photoshoot in Agadir

Morocco photographer couple photoshoot agadir by Paragon Expressions

Our first photoshoot of 2019 was a beautiful couples photoshoot in Agadir. It was a great way to begin the new year and we loved getting to know newly married Ashley and Mohamed!

Ashley and Mohamed met over Instagram a few years ago. Ashley is from the US but lives and works in Canada, and Mohammed is from Agadir. They recently got married and Mohamed will be joining Ashley in Canada. 

Both Ashley and Mohamed grew up near water so doing the photoshoot along Agadir’s beach made perfect sense!

They chose a classy look for the photoshoot and we love that Ashley wore a traditional Moroccan dress. We had a beautiful evening for the photoshoot and aside from a lone fisherman, the beach to ourselves!

See below for some of our favorite moments from the evening. 

Thierry & Hasnaa’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding photos on Agadir beach Morocco

It was the kind of day that we dream of for a beach photoshoot: a beautiful clear blue sky, warm weather, and a slight breeze.

A few days before their wedding, we took Hasnaa and Thierry down to our favorite secluded spot on the Agadir beach for a photoshoot.

For Hasnaa, who grew up swimming on Agadirs beaches, having a photoshoot at the beach just particularly special. Hasnaa and Thierry’s own story began far away from the sunny coastline. They met at Christmas market in Brussels, which has to be one of the most romantic times of the year to meet! Thierry is from Belgium and the couple now both live and work there.

With the wedding just a few days away, the photoshoot gave them a chance to just relax together and we loved the opportunity to get to know them better. Thierry and Hasnaa compliment each other so well and take so much delight in each other. We loved how Thierry’s face would light up when he would look at Hasnaa and we got the best smiles from Hasnaa when we told her to look at Thierry. Is there anything better than capturing this kind of love?!

These romantic photoshoots before the wedding day are probably our favorite kind of photoshoot as they’re full of all of the excitement and anticipation for the wedding day. 


Kelvyn & Abbey’s Marrakech Honeymoon Photoshoot

We love photoshoots in Marrakech, and they are even more fun with a wonderful couple like Kelvyn and Abbey.

We met up with Kelvyn and his new bride Abbey on their honeymoon in Marrakech.

Kelvyn is from Singapore and Abbey is from Malaysia. They met seven years ago through a mutual friend and after dating for a few years, they tied the knot in Italy before heading to Morocco for their honeymoon. These two are so sweet together and we had such a fun time getting to know them. They still had that post-wedding glow and they made it easy for us to capture the love between them.

We started out the photoshoot at the Fellah Hotel where they were staying. It has some beautiful grounds and unique design elements, including an old Mercedes!

We then went to the Marrakech medina, which has no shortage of stunning architecture, quaint streets, and of course, those famous dirt red walls. Pair that with the golden hour light and a gorgeous couple, and you have a photographers dream.

Kelvyn and Abbey, we wish you both all happiness in your marriage and in your life! It was an honor to capture these memories from your trip!

Honeymooning in Morocco? Book a honeymoon photoshoot to remember your special time. Contact us here.

Mujeer & Sana Wedding in Marrakech

Beautiful Moroccan Wedding Photography in Marrakech

We looked forward to photographing and videoing Mujeer and Sana’s Marrakech wedding for a long time! And it exceeded expectations.

Sana and Mujeer are an incredibly sweet, sincere and warm couple. They met while working in Dubai and for Mujeer, it was love at first sight. After some pursuit by Mujeer, Sana also fell in love. Despite their different backgrounds, Sana is Moroccan and Mujeer is Indian, these two are such a perfect fit and the deep love and respect that they have for each other is so evident.

The entire wedding day Mujeer was just beaming whenever he looked at his bride and Sana absolutely glowed.

Wedding days usually have one or two surprises. This sunny Marrakech Saturday turned into a cold and rainy day a few hours before the wedding. However, they say that rain is lucky for a wedding day! And the rain certainly didn’t put a damper on the celebrations.

Mujeer and Sana’s wedding was held at the Four Seasons Resort in Marrakech. Guests traveled in from India, Dubai, Europe and the US to celebrate with Mujeer and Sana, along with family and friends from all over Morocco.

The Four Seasons Resort has some beautiful locations for photos, even when it’s raining. Before the guests arrived, we did a private session with Mujeer and Sana. Sana wore a beautiful traditional Indian gown and later a kaftan for these photos.

For their wedding, they chose many of the Moroccan traditions like the amaria, presentation of gifts from the groom, the negafas and of course, dresses from different regions of Morocco. They had a live band and later on a DJ. There was traditional Moroccan music, Indian music, and international favorites. Guests burned off all of the delicious food with lots of dancing.

The celebration ended close to dawn with the cutting of the cake. It was an honor to capture Sana and Mujeers special and we wish them all happiness in their life together!

Celine’s Maternity Shoot with Brooklyn Mama’s in Agadir

Maternity photoshoot morocco

We’ve witnessed the glow of a new bride, but we loved getting to photograph the glow that an expectant mother has. Part of what makes maternity photoshoots so special is the anticipation that the expectant mother has. These photoshoots are soft, relaxing and intimate.

In the final months of her pregnancy, Celine was absolutely glowing. When we did this photoshoot in Agadir, Celine and her husband were expecting their first child. For this shoot we partnered with the very talented Pauline at Brooklyn Mamas. Pauline did Celine’s hair and makeup for the shoot. We’ve partnered with Pauline on other projects and it’s always a pleasure partnering with such a talented make-up artist.

We shot the maternity shoot at one of the beautiful horse stables in Agadir. There are some beautiful grounds there and we were even able to incorporate some horses into the shoot.

It was so special to capture Celine in this season of anticipation.

Expecting? Contact us to book a maternity photoshoot in Morocco. We would love to be your photographer for this special moment in your life!