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Best Wordpress Plugin For Photographers

The “best wordpress plugin for photographers?” Really!? YES! I promise you, this cuts down your time considerably!!!

I (Richard) had spent hours and hours looking for the perfect solution for editing our photos and getting them up onto our website in the perfect size, but I wanted even more than that. I wanted a plugin that would automated the pictures I selected to a gallery on our WordPress site. I had spent hours upon hours exporting images, uploading them to WordPress, sorting through the images, selecting, putting into a gallery, rearranging, and then putting a caption under them. This was just sucking up my time! Finally I came across Jordy Moew’s plug-in for WordPress and Lightroom. It’s called WP/LR Sync, and it does exactly that! With WP/LR Sync I can import photos from my camera to Lightroom, edit them, and have them uploaded to our WordPress site in a matter of minutes!

It exports your photos to WordPress, along with the folders and collections, and it keeps them synchronized. Any changes applied to your photos (post-processing, metadata, watermark, etc.) or your folders and collections will be replicated. Your WordPress website will be always synchronized with your Lightroom.” – Jordy Moew

Best wordpress plugin for Photographers

There are several features of WP/LR Sync that are that make this the best wordpress plugin for Photographers, let me go through a few of my favourite.

It Syncs!

Like mentioned earlier, it actually syncs between Lightroom and WordPress. Meaning when I upload my photos to WordPress, and make a change to one of the photos in Lightroom, that photo that had the change made is then updated with the new changes on our WordPress site. This is great in itself! No more uploading a new photo and deleting the old, just make the changes and click publish and it’s done! If for some reason you want to delete a photo from WordPress, you can either delete from WordPress directly, or remove from the collection you made in WordPress, and once again it syncs. No more trying to figure out which photos I’ve uploaded or which ones I still need to upload.

It Automatically Can Create Galleries!

For us this is huge! Sometimes it would take us hours going through photos, uploading them to WordPress, selecting the images we want and then creating a gallery from the selected images. Granted this isn’t that hard, but what if for some reason a few months later after you have updated other photos to WordPress you want to add a photo to the previous gallery? Then you have go back and search for it. With WP/LR Sync all you have to do is add a new photo to the collection you create on Lightroom and click publish. Done. Easy.

It Easily Adds a Watermark!

Maybe I’m the only photographer out there who has uploaded all of their photos to WordPress only to have forgotten to add a watermark. With WP/LR Sync, no problem! Simply select the watermark that you want and then click publish! Done. All of your photos now have your watermark added.

It Adds Titles, Captions, and Keywords!

I simply don’t have time to go through each photo on WordPress and write a caption, or a title to each photo. This takes hours, and if you have poor internet connection this can be one of the most frustrating processes. With WP/LR Sync you can set up your export to WordPress that titles, captions, and keywords also sync! This doesn’t sound that amazing but trust me, it is! Google loves when photos have keywords and captions attached to them, and if you are at all interested in being discovered on google you need to do this to your photos. WP/LR Sync makes this so easy. I can write captions as I’m editing, or perhaps get someone else at a later date to create captions, and it will automatically sync on our website! How can that not be awesome!? Seriously the best WordPress plugin for photographers!

We love this plugin and cannot be more satisfied with it!  It is definitely a must for every photographer who uses WordPress for their website, and Jordy has amazing customer service! He has helped us out on a couple different occasions when we didn’t fully understand something, and easily took a look and sorted things out. Such a great product. You can click here to read more about it.

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