Wedding Photography

Villa Taj Marrakech Destination Wedding Photography

There are so many amazing places to get married in Morocco and your wedding photography should showcase the beauty of your venue- from the quintessential riads or the unique and vast Agafay desert in Marrakech to the Agadir beach or a private villa in Rabat. We have had the absolute honor and joy of doing wedding photography at some of the most amazing wedding venues in Morocco.

The word paragon means; “a perfect example.” Our goal in wedding photography is to perfectly capture your day! For us, every wedding is so unique and special because every couple’s story is different! Your wedding photos should reflect who you are and how beautiful your day was. We’re passionate about creating something new for each wedding while staying true to our documentary style.

The end result is helping you to preserve moments and enhancing memories through beautiful photos. When you see your photos we want you to be totally amazed by how beautiful and unique they are and hope we’ve created a “paragon” that preserves all of the expressions and memories from your day!