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Agadir Beach wedding photoshoot

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Ehab and Israa – Destination Wedding Photoshoot in Agadir

This Agadir beach destination wedding photoshoot was definitely one for the books and includes one of our favorite shots of all time.

The salty air, the crashing waves, the golden light, there’s a reason that the beach at sunset is stereotyped as a romantic location. It just is romantic. In the face of the overwhelming expanse of wild sea and the stretched out sky, there is an intimacy. And when the sun sets and the sky transforms into a moving painting, it’s a beauty that’s meant to be enjoyed with someone else.

So we were excited when Ehab and Israa contacted us about an Agadir beach photoshoot!

Ehab and Israa traveled to Morocco on their honeymoon after their wedding in Northern Sudan. These two have known each other since childhood and we loved hearing their story.

For the photoshoot, Ehab wore a suit and Israa a gorgeous white wedding gown. We love how the elegance of their outfits contrasted with the rugged beach setting. Agadir’s coastline is one of our favorite spots and it’s perfect for a private photoshoot.

Here are some of our favorite photos from our time together.

Heading to Morocco for your vacation or honeymoon? Contact us for a photoshoot in Agadir!

Makeup and hair by Pauline from Brooklyn Mama’s 

Agadir Beach Destination Wedding Photoshoot