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Wedding photoshoot on the beach

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Thierry & Hasnaa’s Wedding Photoshoot on the Beach

This Agadir wedding beach photoshoot was just beautiful and we love doing a private photoshoot with a couple before their wedding.

It was the kind of day that we dream of for a beach photoshoot: a beautiful clear blue sky, warm weather, and a slight breeze.

A few days before their wedding, we took Hasnaa and Thierry down to our favorite secluded spot on the Agadir beach for a photoshoot.

For Hasnaa, who grew up swimming on Agadir’s beaches, having a photoshoot at the beach just particularly special. Hasnaa and Thierry’s own story began far away from the sunny coastline. They met at a Christmas market in Brussels, which has to be one of the most romantic times of the year to meet! Thierry is from Belgium and the couple now both live and work there.

With the wedding just a few days away, the photoshoot gave them a chance to just relax together and we loved the opportunity to get to know them better. Thierry and Hasnaa compliment each other so well and take so much delight in each other. We loved how Thierry’s face would light up when he would look at Hasnaa and we got the best smiles from Hasnaa when we told her to look at Thierry. Is there anything better than capturing this kind of love?!

These romantic photoshoots before the wedding day are probably our favorite kind of photoshoot as they’re full of all of the excitement and anticipation for the wedding day. 

Agadir Wedding Beach Photoshoot