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Best business management tool for photographers – Táve

How do you keep your photography business organized? How do you make sure a lead doesn’t slip through the cracks? How do you keep track of all of your email correspondence with a client? 

What if there was one place where you could keep track of everything, even the finances?

Thank goodness that there is. A few months ago we started using a business management system called Táve. 

We used to struggle trying to keep track of which lead came from what source, when we last emailed them, and even what was our form of communication. Now everything is automated for us. As soon as a new lead comes in from our website form it is automatically put into the system and an email can even be automatically generated to write that potential client back. But even if a potential client calls us we can easily put that lead into the system. With the new Google add on, we can easily track all outgoing and incoming emails in Tave. This helps us and our team keep track of all conversations with clients. 

Tave also helps us to keep track of leads so that no one slips through the cracks. There are automatic transitions that move our leads between statuses like ‘Initial Contact’ to ‘Needs Follow-Up’. 

What’s also great is the fact we’re able to create quote templates and customize each quote for each one of our clients. Our business has two brands, one for commercial work and one for lifestyle & weddings. With Táve’s easy to use quoting system we can create separate quotes that are branded individually and simply send it to our leads. We can then see if the client clicked on the link.

When a client officially books us, the client moves from ‘Lead’ to ‘Job’. In the Job status we can send questionnaires, contracts and keep track of payments. This has been huge for us! No more keeping paper folders and files of contracts and printed out invoices. Everything is neatly organized in Táve, with a click of a button I can see which clients have signed a contract, paid, which still need to pay, or fill out a questionnaire. 

Tave also keeps track of our finances. It automatically shows me on the dashboard what our current revenue is at, what our cash flow is, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc! It even shows some awesome graphs so that I can see where we’re getting the most profit from.  

We’ve been super impressed by Tave’s responsiveness to any of the questions and suggestions we’ve had. Operating a photography business in Morocco, we needed to have the currency in Moroccan Dirhams (dh’s), they quickly responded to us and within a day we had the option to bill our clients in our local currency! We love this kind of customer service.

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