Beautiful wedding photoshoot in Medina Agadir

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Why Privacy Matters

Our clients are important to us, and so is their privacy. Privacy is an area that we have discovered is extremely important to many of our clients.

Something you won’t hear photographers in Morocco talk about much is the hesitation that clients may have over the publishing of their photos – be it on social media platforms, website, or for use in advertising.

Why would some clients be hesitant about having their photos published?

Some people are concerned about their photo being used on the internet. They are also worried that their photo would be photoshopped and used for something inappropriate.

There are other clients, who, due to their jobs or family, wish for their faces to not be shown.

A few of our female clients would normally wear a hijab, but for their photoshoot will choose not to. Understandably, they would prefer that no photos be published that shows them without their hijab. Regardless of the reason, respecting our clients wishes and privacy is tremendously important.

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Concerned about your privacy being protected after a photoshoot?

Here are some tips…

If you are concerned about a photographer publishing your photos, speak with them before the photoshoot and make sure that it’s written in the contract that they cannot post any photos without your permission.

You can also request that they take a creative shots that don’t show your face.

Regardless of the reason, our priority is giving our clients photos that they love and providing them with an experience that is comfortable for them.

For this reason, we don’t post any photos of our clients without their expressed permission. There are some great photos that we love but would rather protect our clients wishes and privacy, than post.

At the end of the day our goal is to capture beautiful moments for our clients to enjoy and use as they would like.

Berber wedding photography by Paragon Expressions

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