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Yassin and Sarah photo shoot

The wedding day is a bit of happy chaos. A wonderful celebration but a bit of a whirlwind. So we are always thrilled when couples opt to do an engagement shoot prior to their wedding. This gives us a chance not only to get to know the couple but also capture some more intimate shots of them in a relaxed setting. 

If there’s one word to describe this couple its classy. We later saw this reflected in even more in the details of their wedding. For the shoot Sarah wore a stunning black dress and Yassin wore a suit. Like we said, classy. When it comes to outfit colors, it’s hard to go wrong with black. Their outfit choice worked perfectly for the different locations we shot in. 

Yassin and Sarah met a few years ago during Ramadan. In the years to follow they’ve been in a long distance relationship. And finally, the long distance is coming to an end. We loved watching these two interact with each other and the adoring way that Yassin looks at Sarah. Sarah was simply glowing and we could sense the anticipation for the wedding, less than 24 hours away. 

We did this photoshoot on the grounds of Sarah’s parents home in Marrakesh. The grounds of their home are gorgeous, which include a rose garden. Talk about a dream location for photos?! It got even better as the sun began to set and we made our way up to their roof to shoot some more pictures. Yassin and Sarah even got in a little bit of ballroom dancing (preparation for the wedding?) while we were up there. 

There were so many amazing shots which we love, but because we want to respect our clients privacy concerns we have been asked to only show these photos that do not fully show their faces. We love when our biggest challenge after a photoshoot is narrowing down the photos because there are just too many that we love! Here are some favorites…

* Don’t be surprised to only see a select amount of photos approved by Yassin and Sarah. We always respect our clients privacy and publish only photos approved. 

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